This is all 12 members of EXO on Kiss the Radio and it is soooo hilarious! SM needs to get them their own reality show or variety show ^_^

한국에 한번 갔습니다!

So now when Koreans (who I catch by surprise when I speak Korean) ask me if I’ve ever been to Korea I can say the title of this post: 한국에 한번 갔습니다 ^^ I’ve been to Korea once! Before I always had to say, 한번 안갔어요: I’ve never been.

My next few posts will be blogging about my visit to Korea.
This one is about the city of Gwangju mostly just sharing pictures ^^


A shopping mall in the bus station


The streets of downtown Gwangju


Really cool restaurant where I ate some kind of acorn cake soup. I know! It sounds really weird, but I’m Nigerian and it actually reminded me of a Nigerian dish!

image (2)

Very delicious Korean style pizza at a place called Mr. Pizza ^^ Or 미스터 피자 ㅋㅋㅋ Just to give an idea of just how Korean style it was: the crust was sweet potato crust ^^

image (1)

This is a shot of the Mr. Pizza restaurant. Pretty nice just for pizza parlor!


These little kids were reciting bible verses and singing songs. Sooo cute! Why are Korean kids the cutest kids God created???

That’s all for now ~^^

Korean backpack 이 도착했습니다!

Check it out! My Korean backpack has arrived! It’s all I hoped it would be and more! Can’t wait to carry it around in Korea with me 🙂





I love that there is this little piece of Korea in my city 🙂 Tous Les Jours is a popular bakery in South Korea and a branch opened last year in my city! It’s located in this little “Korea Town” of sorts which has a Korean grocery store, a hair salon, two restaurants, and (last but not least) a 노래방 (Karaoke) place! 대박 이다!

Top 100 Most Useful Korean Verbs: Full List

Korean style backpack, what?

So I’m going to visit South Korea soon and I was thinking that I need a nice large bag to carry my junk around while I’m there. I can’t just carry the same dumpy bag I use here around! Not in fashion-forward Korea! So I hit the internet googling “Korean style backpack”. I found a great site based in Korea called They have clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty products, stationary and even a men’s accessory section! The prices are pretty reasonable, but the shipping is pretty steep. If you’re ordering from the U.S., it’s coming from South Korea; so I guess it’s typical for international shipping.

I told one of my Korean friends that I had ordered a Korean style backpack online and she said, “Really? What’s a Korean style backpack?” I just laughed and said, “You have one. You know, cute, small in size and in unique colors.” She said, “Oh! But I bought mine from North Face in the U.S.” I could only smile. None of my Korean friends have any idea how extensively the Korean Wave has reached past Asia into the U.S. and Europe. It isn’t just an appreciation of Psy’s Oppa’n Gangnam Style. The Korean Wave has also reached far into U.S. clothing styles. Two of my Korean friends told me in the recent past that I dress just like a Korean which made me immensely happy! Korean fashion is definitely my style inspiration right now.


my airport fashion

Anyway I ordered this Korean style backpack. It’s so neat, simple, cute. And imma fan of all the colors!

I got the tan one.


한국어 얘기

I’m forcing myself to speak more Korean lately so when I visit, it will be more natural. Just learning without being brave enough to practice is pointless. I went to this local Korean restaurant, Rockin’ Rice, for lunch yesterday and spoke Korean to my server, a 한국인 이모 (literally means “Korean auntie” which is what you would politely call a middle aged Korean woman) and she was sooo pleased and gave me a lovely dimpled smile.

photo (9)

I was surprised at how much better my listening and speaking has gotten!!! Thank God! I’m finally getting better! Of course speaking English in the US will be different from speaking in Korea, but it’s still good practice. I need to try to speak Korean with a Korean friend, or cashier, or server every day. It’s countdown to Korea!



할말이 없어요!

Once again G-Dragon succeeds in blowing out all the competition with his musical, lyrical and visual creativity! 

pad thai

I made this pad thai over the weekend. It wasn’t bad! Most of my Korean friends LOVE pad thai, so I decided to try making it. I have to confess that I used a pre-made pad thai sauce from a Chinese market ^^

I found the recipe here:

How to remember new words?

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